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Kubernetes and containers are the building blocks of a modern cloud infrastructure and de-facto the standard for deploying, managing and orchestrating applications at scale.

The ability to fully-own your applications' lifecycle is a super valuable skill. And for many companies Kubernetes knowledge is already a requirement for backend roles.

But Kubernetes is hard. Kubernetes is a complex beast for developers. That's why this course is entirely focused on Kubernetes from the developer perspective.

This course targets developers and teams who want to take advantage of a managed solution, whether provided as a cloud offer (Google, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean...) or by an internal Ops team.

What you'll learn

The Kubernetes architecture and main components

Use pods, deployments, services and ingresses

Create production-ready applications

Use kubectl to deploy and debug applications

Deploy internal and external services

How the Kubernetes scheduler works

Use kustomize to customize YAMLs configurations

When and how to use healthchecks and probes

Use labels effectively

Schedule job and cronjobs

Create a managed Kubernetes cluster form scratch

Share secrets across different applications

How to automate migrations with your deployments

How to make releases with zero downtime

And much more!

The lessons

4 modules and 30 lessons to bring you up to speed with Kubernetes

1. Docker recap

A quick recap about docker commands, dockerfiles and docker images.

  • 1. Docker commands that you need to know
  • 2. How to write dockerfiles
  • 3. Build, run and push docker images

2. Kubernetes 101

Deep dive into Kubernetes architecture and the most common Kubernetes resources.

  • 4. Kubernetes architecture
  • 5. How to run Kubernetes
  • 6. Kubernetes resources
  • 7. Pods
  • 8. Deployments and Services
  • 9. Selectors and labels
  • 10. Jobs and cronjobs
  • 11. Configmaps and secrets
  • 12. Ingresses

3. Deploy and debug applications on Kubernetes

From your local environment to Kubernetes: deploy, operate and debug applications.

  • 13. Get comfortable with kubectl: the kubernetes cli
  • 14. Deploy a simple application: pods and deployments
  • 15. Deploy a service in front of pods
  • 16. Deployments: rollouts & rollbacks
  • 17. Deploy jobs and cronjobs
  • 18. Networking inside Kubernetes
  • 19. Expose an application with an ingress
  • 20. Operate and debug: get, describe, logs and exec
  • 21. Operate and debug: scale, edit and delete
  • 22. Advanced pods: resources, lifecycle, probes and allocation strategy

4. Kubernetes real-world scenarios

Deep dive on real-world scenarios, included in the professional package.

  • 23. Create a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform
  • 24. Database migrations
  • 25. Zero downtime deployments: zero what?
  • 26. Zero downtime deployments: how to achieve them with Kubernetes
  • 27. CI/CD: Developer experience with Kubernetes
  • 28. CI/CD: Use kustomize
  • 29. Kubernetes operator: what operators are and what you can do with them
  • 30. Kubernetes operator: write a Kubernetes operator

Get Kubernetes for Developers

Professional 🚀

  • Access to all 30 lessons
  • Full source code for all lessons
  • Over 4 hours and 30 minutes of video content
  • Includes Kubernetes real-world scenarios: 8 additional lessons on CI/CD, migrations, deployments, operators and terraform
  • Download videos

Essentials 💰

  • Access to the first 22 lessons
  • Just about 3 hours of video content
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Christian Barra

About the coach

Hey there! My name is Christian. I'm a software engineer, tech lead and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer living in Berlin.

I'm a proactive member in the tech community, Python Software Foundation Fellow, open-source contributor, international speaker and conference organiser.

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